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These plans are for the "WINCHELSEA 12". Still very similar looking larger version of her 8’ sister, continuing with the clinker style hull, 6 planks per side, multi-purpose Rowing/Motor or Sailing dinghy that can be used as a tender to a yacht or larger vessel or for a day of fun on the local water.
She is 12’ - 6" in length, 5’ - 0" beam with an approximate dry weight of around 140lbs (64kgs). Not really suitable to be carried on a roof rack, she is easily trailed and launched. She will also take an outboard 2.5hp - 3.5hp for motoring up and down the local river, canal, harbour or around the local lake. Electric outboards are an option with this boat too. The plans detail the transom outboard pad to add strength. Built in buoyancy can be added by enclosing the seats or fit inflatable buoyancy bags. The plans are available for a rowing/motor version. The plans include the details on how to adapt a rig that would suit this boat and a Mirror dinghy ihas been adapted to this hull.