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Wichelsea Rocker/Garden Boat


Product information

A 4' (ish) mini version of the Winchelsea design.
The plans show how to make it as a garden ornament, as above, which could also be displayed indoors.
The plans also give details of how to add rockers which turn it into a rocking boat for the younger sailors to enjoy. You can add oars too.
The step by step instruction manual and a total of 14 A3 sheets of Full Size Patterns for every part of the boat which details how to build this great little boat from 1/2 a sheet of 4mm and 1/2 a sheet of 6mm ply and a length of stripwood.
Although the plans give the patterns for the breasthook, knees and thwarts in plywood, solid wood could be used to make this look even better.
Full size patterns for the rockers and their supports is also given.
It is built in the same way as the full size version so it could be useful as a trial build before you try a full size boat of this type of build.

Technical specifications