The Fairlight


The FAIRLIGHT Sailing Canoe


LOA: 4.06m (13’ - 4”)
Beam: 1.05m (3’ - 6”)
Dry Weight: 45kg (89lbs) approx.
Height Forward: .575m (1’ - 10.7”)
Height Aft: .480m (1’ - 7”)
Height Amidships: .415m (1’ - 4.3”)
Crew: 3/4 adults



One Boat - Three Options

We have developed a hull design based on a canoe that can have three different options

- a rowing canoe, a motor canoe and a sailing canoe.

We've called it the FAIRLIGHT.

At 13' - 4" or 4.065m in length and 3' 6" or 1.067m wide, the FAIRLIGHT can be rowed motored or sailed. With the sailing option you can do all three while carrying up to three adults.

The rowing option comes with all you need to take it to your local water, launch and row away.

The motor option comes as the rowing version with the addition of an outboard hole in the aft deck and either an electric or a petrol outboard.

The sailing option comes with all the other options and the sail rig or just a sailing option with a paddle.

We have one of these as our family boat for trips on the river, canal, reservoir and sometimes inshore.

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