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Seranata Pram 8 Stitch & Tape Plans


Product information

 We were asked by PSD Boats to design a small dinghy which would take an Optimist rig after their client had his own hull badly damaged in an accident and was left with the rig, dagger board and rudder. They had their own ideas for a design name and the hull shape which had a “V” shaped hull bottom and turned out to be a nice little boat so, we designed a flat bottomed version along the lines of the Rye Bay.
We are building one to try out with our own rig but it won’t be ready till the summer. But the basic rowing dinghy we built from old exterior ply that was used for a partition, worked well enough when rowed and motored with an electric outboard and a small 2hp outboard motor.
We like this little boat and it’s versatility.
You could build the standard boat, fit rowlocks and oars, add an engine plus the sail rig and you have a boat that can be used for just about anything you could want from a boat of this size.
The plans for the Seranata Pram are available showing how to build this dinghy to be rowed, motored or sailed and includes the rig plan. The A3 plans have more detail than our other standard plans and the download version so they are a little more expensive than our standard plans.


Technical specifications

Code: SP8A3
Condition: New