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Romney 2.2 Clinker Plywood Dinghy

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The ROMNEY 2.2 is a clinker ply rowing/sailing tender with 7 planks per side. The design is forgiving of minor errors as we show in the plans but accuracy is, as with any DIY build, still important. No scarfing is necessary with this boat. She has a single sail option although the initial plans were for the rowing version but the sailing version is now available. This too is a tough little boat that can be carried on a roof rack of the average family saloon or trailed. Generally in clinker designs, the broadest planks are the garboards and the next plank out from it, the sheer or top plank being perhaps three quarters of their width and the narrowest planks taking up the curve of the hull. In this boat however, the broadest plank is the sheer plank because we felt this helped to make it easier to build.
It also made her a little more pleasing to the eye – in our opinion.
This little boat makes a great tender for a larger boat and will tow nicely too.