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The "PEVENSEY 2.2 takes the place of the older Pevensey 7. It is 7' - 4" long x 3' - 11" wide (maximum) and approximately 40lbs (18kg) dry weight. A lightweight tough little boat with 6mm bottom and 4mm sides or 6mm all round for a tougher though a little heavier boat so she can be built for light use or heavy duty. She will take a small outboard motor (2hp) but performs well with electric and is easy to row with a skeg fitted. She is most at home on sheltered waters (Category “D”) and has found its main use as a tender to a larger, inland waterways craft. Recently, one was given our standard sail rig by a builder who reported it worked well. It has also been used for lake fishing. This boat is light enough to be carried by one person and is easily transported on a roof rack on an average family car. These plans are sent out with the old version drawings so that you can choose to build either, or both.