Peasemarsh Canoes

Peasemarsh Open Canoe

The complete, ready for the water Peasemarsh Canoe is available in 4 sizes

3.048m (10’), 3.81m (12’) & 4.38m (14’-2”)

and the Peasemarsh 8 Fun Canoe -  
2.31m (7' - 7")

Peasemarsh 10
Loa 10’-0” (3.05m)
Beam 2’-7” (0.79m)
Weight (apprx.) 40lbs (18kg)
Max. Load (apprx.) 350lbs (159kg)
Height at Bow/Stern 18"/18" (0.46m/0.46m)
Height amidships 11.5" (0.29m)

Crew one/two persons

Up to a maximum of 12 stone (75kg)

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Peasemarsh 12

12’ - 6” (3.81m)
Beam 2’-9” (0.84m)
Weight (apprx.) 45lbs (20kg)
Max. d (apprx.) 400lbs (181kg)
Height at Bow/Stern 19"/19" (0.48m/0.48m)
Height amidships 12" (0.30m)

Crew 2 plus 1
To a total Crew/Gear load of 28 stone (180kg).


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Peasemarsh 14
14’ - 6” (4.4m)
Beam 2’ - 10” (0.86m)
Weight (apprx.) 50lbs (22.5kg)
Max. d (apprx.) 580lbs (263kg)
Height at Bow/Stern 21"/21" (0.53m/0.53m)
Height amidships 13" (0.33m)
Crew 2/3
To a total load of 580lbs (263kg)


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Peasemarsh 8 Fun Canoe

This little canoe is more of a play thing but can be used by kids(under supervision) or a small adult up to 10.5 stone (67kg).
The pictures above show my wife and two eldest having fun in one they built. 
It is also being regularly built by a charity who have a mini regatta every year.
At a little under 8'  at 7' - 7" (2.31m) long and 2' - 2" (0.664m) wide at it's widest point. 
It has also been built as a garden ornament/planter and a toy box.


The standard canoe package is the same for all three sizes.

You get the hull built in a quality, hardwood, marine plywood. Bulkheads are fitted fore and aft which, along with the decks, form a watertight compartment or buoyancy tanks. These are fitted with small round hatches for storage of valuables etc. on the water and to air the compartments when not in use. A yoke is fitted centrally but a straight carry bar is another option.
No yoke or carry bar are fitted with the 2 halves option.

As standard, the canoes are painted to one colour inside or varnished and one colour outside with the bulkheads, decks, yoke, trim and seats (if fitted) all varnished. We will discuss your choice of colours with you.

All canoes come with one 1.2m paddle (extra paddles and different sizes are optional extras), kneeling pad(s) and a mooring rope.

Although they were designed to be paddled while kneeling, as is popular these days, seats are an option and we will fit basic seating, if required, free.

Optional Extras

Your Canoe built in two halves  -  £90.00

Extra Paddle - £15.00

Smaller size paddle - £No Charge

Larger size paddle - £4.00

5ltr Dry Bag - £12.00

15ltr Dry Bag - £20.00

Straight Carry Bar - £No Charge

Cane/Webbing Seat - £90.00 ea.

Buoyancy Aids

Medium - £30.00

Large - £30.00

XL - £35.00

XXL - £35.00

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A popular open “Canadian” style canoe design ideal for a solo paddle with some gear but will take a load. All the sizes have the same lines just different lengths and widths along with the ability to carry more the larger they get.

Their performance has proved to be better than I expected, they all track well even in a breeze with choppier conditions and are quite stable in canoe terms.

These lightweight canoes are easily carried to and from the water, perform well on it and can be a healthy activity (but remember to be safe. Wear the correct buoyancy aid).

They can be transported on a car roof rack, depending on the size of the car to the size of the canoe. (There is a limit to how much overhang you can have and you must not restrict your view from the driver’s seat.) If you have a suitable four door car, then it will also suit an inflatable roof rack or canoe car kit.



I designed the Peasemarsh originally as a wooden framework with canvas stretched over it in 1986. Later, I re-designed it for DIY Stitch & Tape construction and we have also just finished building and testing a fibreglass version.

However, I prefer the advantages of the plywood canoe as it is lighter and performs better.

We do have 16’ and 18’ versions of this design which can also be built to order.
Contact us for more details of these sizes.