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Peasemarsh 12 Kit from


Product information

Loa 12’ – 6” (3.81m)
Beam 2’ – 9” (0.84m)
Weight (apprx.) 45lbs (20kgs)
Max. Load (apprx.) 400lbs (181kgs)
Height at Bow/Stern 19"/19" (0.48m/0.48m)
Height amidships 12" (0.30m)
Crew 1 plus 1

Delivery Included for UK Mainland Only - Highlands & Islands Extra
Please contact us if you need any further information.

An open “Canadian” style canoe whose size and weight make it great for a solo paddle but will carry a crew.
With built in buoyancy fore and aft that can be fitted with small hatches for storage of valuable etc.
This canoe while ideal for a solo paddle with some gear, will also take an extra person for days paddle or perhaps a day on the water for the kids. It will fit on almost any car roof rack. If you have four doors then it will also suit an inflatable roof rack or canoe car kit. It is great on the water once you get used to her and will surprise you with her performance.

If you want to smaller, the Peasemarsh10' and larger the Peasemarsh14’ versions are available.

This kit is available as a plywood only or full kit as below.

Plywood Only Kit - £285.00
Contains all the planks, bottom panel, frame and transom ready for assembly. Also comes with the full instructions pack for the build.

Full Plywood Epoxy Kit - £445.00
Contains everything you need to build the hull to a stage where you only need to add paint/ varnish and a set of oars or a motor. All the plywood parts plus the cable ties and epoxy materials to put it all together. The wood for the seats and trim is also supplied

The Peasemarsh 12 is also available as a Part Built or Fully built boat including oars with options to add built in buoyancy with hatches.

Technical specifications

Code: PM12POK