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Peasemarsh 10 Plywood Kit

A popular open “Canadian” style canoe design. All the sizes have the same lines just different lengths and widths along with the ability to carry more the larger they get. Their performance has proved to be better than I expected, they track well even in a breeze with choppier conditions and are quite stable. All were designed to be paddled while kneeling but, as is far more popular these days, seats are an option and the plans do detail them. There are bulkheads fore and aft which, along witht the decks, form a watertight compartment or buoyancy tanks. These can be fitted with small hatches for storage of valuables etc and to air the compartments when not in use. Alternatively, drain plugs or a simple hole drilled through the base with a cork or rubber bung to stop the water getting in could be used. In any case, some form of drainage should be fitted to them.
They can be built in either 4mm or 6mm plywood, although the larger ones should be 6mm, and require between 25 and 40 hours to complete.
 These canoes are ideal for a solo paddle with some gear but will take a load.

 The 10 footer (3.05m) will take one average adult around 12 stone (75kgs) and perhaps a small one or some gear.