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Welcome to Paul’s Boatshed.

I have been designing, building, repairing and restoring small boats for over 35 years now through my business STANLEY SmallCraft. Over those years I have kept back some of my designs that I have built for us to use here, for customers as a one off build or just a new design that never got finished and never made it to the stock designs. From one of those, I ended up with three of my personal favourites based on one canoe design from which I got two canoes and a dinghy – the Fairlight design which includes my personal favourite, the sailing canoe.

The Fairlight Sailing Canoe, the Fairlight Open Canoe and the Fairlight Dinghy.

Sailing Canoe

LOA   4.06m (13’ – 4”)
Beam  1.05m  (3’ - 6”)
Dry Weight  40kg (89lbs) approx.
Height fwd  .575m (1’ - 10.7”)
Height aft  .480m (1’ – 7”)
Height amidships
.415m (1’ – 4.3”)
Crew  3 or 4 adults

Paddle, Row, Motor & Sail.

This great little boat will let you do all four and it is light enough to be carried on the roof rack of an average family car!


Open Canoe



LOA   4.064m  (13' - 4")
Beam  .914m   (3' - 0")

Dry Weight  25kg  (55lbs)
Height fwd  .508m   (1' - 8")
Height aft  .508m   (1' - 8")
Height midships
.343m   (1' - 1.5")

Crew  2 or 3 adults

This is the canoe that was the base for the Fairlight design from which the sailing canoe and dinghy were drawn up.



GP Dinghy



LOA  3.380m  (11’ – 1”)
Beam  1.195.  (4’ – 3”)
Dry Weight  54kg (120lbs)
Max Load  363kg  (800lbs)
Crew 3


This dinghy has many uses and can be rowed, motored or sailed. It is a capable little boat and ideal for many water based jobs.


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