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Fairlight Sailing Canoe A3 Plans Package


Product information

The FAIRLIGHT Sailing Canoe


LOA: 4.06m (13’ - 4”)
Beam: 1.05m (3’ - 6”)
Dry Weight: 45kg (89lbs) approx.
Height Forward: .575m (1’ - 10.7”)
Height Aft: .480m (1’ - 7”)
Height Amidships: .415m (1’ - 4.3”)
Crew: 3/4 adults


 From the Workshop Plans you can choose to build the paddling & rowing or motor canoe plus the sailing version. The paddling & rowing option has no hole for the rudder/engine and no dagger board case, whereas the motor version has the addition of the hole for the engine and a suggested battery position. Both canoes can be built as either Stitch & Tape or Clinker Ply.

The plans package is comprehensive with 12 A3 workshop drawings and step-by-step instructions as follows:-

D1. General Lines Drawing
D2. Plank Dimensions & Details
D3. Frames/Moulds, Centre Support & Mast Support
D4. Build Frame
D4a. Build Frame

D5. Plank End Templates
D6. Seats, Seat Support & Mast Support
D7. Dagger Board & Case, Rudder Blade

D8. Stitch & Tape Option Planks Dimensions etc.
D9. Decks
D9a. Foredeck OptionsFitting Out Detail (Seats etc.)
D10. Sail Rig Detail

A full 40 A4 page step-by-step build manual for both build methods
and an 8 page guide to the materials required.

(Including UK postage and our free after sales help and advice while you build.)

Technical specifications

Condition: New