Fairlight Sailing Canoe


The FAIRLIGHT Sailing Canoe


LOA: 4.06m (13’ - 4”)
Beam: 1.05m (3’ - 6”)
Dry Weight: 45kg (89lbs) approx.
Height Forward: .575m (1’ - 10.7”)
Height Aft: .480m (1’ - 7”)
Height Amidships: .415m (1’ - 4.3”)
Crew: 3/4 adults

The Fairlight Sailing Canoe is available as A3 Workshop Plans package and Custom Built Boat.

This is our favourite design overall. She was designed for a family holiday where two wanted to be able to paddle, one wanted to row, my wife wanted to use our electric motor and my daughter and I wanted to sail. We had to find a way of making it do all four! In addition to this it had to be transported on our roof rack so dry weight had to be kept to under 50kg. The Fairlight Sailing Canoe was the result.

Performance wise, while one adult can paddle this boat, it is far easier and moves better with two - one forward, one aft. Rowing her was easy and she moved along nicely without too much effort. We only had an old 12v electric outboard with 36lbs thrust to test her with but this proved to be ample. It was a pleasant glide down the canal and she was responsive when it came to turning and manoeuvring. The first time we came to set up the rig, although lee boards are often used, we had fitted a dagger board and off we went. She performed well with a small sail and the dagger board case didn't get in the way. The tiller configuration took some getting used to but it worked well. All in all, a great all round boat.

The builder of the first boat from the plans has just reported a weekend boat/camping trip straight from the launch. He clamped an oar to the transom and fitted a cleat on the mast from which he supported a cheap tarpaulin for the tent. He cut two lengths of 12mm ply, with holes in them to save weight, laid these over the seats with a few camping mats as a mattress for his sleeping bag. Not the most comfortable night and the bed base got in the way a little while cruising but he is going to work on it with a few of our own ideas for next year. Unfortunately, as it was a tech-free weekend, no pictures were taken!


Build your own FAIRLIGHT Canoe with the 

 From the Workshop Plans you can choose to build the paddling & rowing or motor canoe plus the sailing version. The paddling & rowing option has no hole for the rudder/engine and no dagger board case, whereas the motor version has the addition of the hole for the engine and a suggested battery position. Both canoes can be built as either Stitch & Tape or Clinker Ply.

The plans package is comprehensive with 12 A3 workshop drawings and step-by-step instructions as follows:-

D1. General Lines Drawing
D2. Plank Dimensions & Details
D3. Frames/Moulds, Centre Support & Mast Support
D4. Build Frame
D4a. Build Frame

D5. Plank End Templates
D6. Seats, Seat Support & Mast Support
D7. Dagger Board & Case, Rudder Blade

D8. Stitch & Tape Option Planks Dimensions etc.
D9. Decks
D9a. Foredeck OptionsFitting Out Detail (Seats etc.)
D10. Sail Rig Detail

A full 40 A4 page step-by-step build manual for both build methods
and an 8 page guide to the materials required.

(Including postage and our free after sales help and advice while you build.)


Or we will build it for you . . . . . 


The custom built boats are available in the standard full sailing package. However, as these boats are built to order, you can upgrade or downgrade as you wish and this can be discussed and arranged at the time of purchase.

The hull is fully built with bulkheads fitted fore and aft which form the buoyancy tanks that are fitted with round hatches. These hatches have a bag behind them to keep anything you put in them secure and dry. A mast support or larger deck area, the dagger board case, dagger board and the rudder assembly plus the sail rig - spars, sail and rigging. Three thwarts (seats) are fitted then the whole boat is painted and/or varnished to your preference - one colour outside and one colour or varnish inside. The inside of the buoyancy tanks are also sealed with epoxy and paint.
It also comes with 2 x 1.2m paddles (or your choice of size), a pair of 1.8m oars, black nylon rowlocks fitted, an electric outboard, battery, battery box (built into boat),  power lead extension, battery charger, 5m mooring rope (painter), samson post, wooden fairleads forward and a small grapnel anchor with 15m rope.

Introductory Price - £2875.00

All options have 

The build takes 21 - 28 days. Call us or email to discuss your Fairlight Canoe now.

On completion of the build, you will be required to collect your boat from us. Unfortunately, we no longer offer delivery as standard as it is too expensive but it can be arranged if you prefer. 

Please contact us for advice regarding trailers, roof racks etc.