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Fairlight Open Canoe A3 Plans


Product information

Originally designed for a client to use for fishing his local water, he later had us fit an engine well for an electric outboard motor and then asked us to make it sail. These changes came to mind when the family asked me to design a boat for our upcoming holiday. So with this canoe on the drawing board I came up with the Fairlight Sailing canoe and the Fairlight dinghy so, I made a few changes and improved the original design a little and the first one we built proved to be a great canoe for it’s size.

It is built using 6mm plywood for the bottom and first plank then 4mm for the next 3 planks so weight is kept to a minimum while still being quite sturdy. The fore and aft bulkheads and decks form buoyancy tanks at both ends which are fitted with hatches to store valuables while paddling.

It is light enough to be carried on the roof rack of an average family car and two can carry it to the water with ease. Once in the water, it will carry those two and another one, comfortably.

I like to kneel when paddling and have a good kneeling pad for it but seats could be fitted. Other modifications can be made too.

The plans detail building in either Clinker Ply or Stitch & Tape.

Technical specifications