Fairlight Dinghy

LOA  3.380m  (11’ – 10”) 
Beam  1.195.  (4’ – 7”)
Dry Weight  54kg (120lbs)
Max Load  363kg  (800lbs)
Crew 3 or 4

This dinghy was designed to be a motor runabout and work boat for a sailing club. They wanted a boat to use for setting up races and regattas plus fishing and towing. They asked for this design after a similar version had appeared on our website for a while. Their preference when we built it for them was to remove the forward thwart, fit a bulkhead and extend the foredeck into the boat. They are now considering a second or a larger one.

This dinghy is easily driven by an electric/petrol outboard and oars. It can be rigged for sailing but the plans don't detail that yet. We tried a Mirror rig which worked quite well.

The build can be Stitch & Tape or Clinker Ply and both are detailed in the plans package. The plans package consists of 7 A3 workshop drawings and step by step instructions.

D1. General Lines Drawing
D2. All Plank Dimensions & Details
D3. Plank End Templates
D4. Build Frame Construction
D4a. Build Frame
D5. Centre Support, Bulkheads, Decks & Oars
D6. Stitch & Tape Planks 2,3 & 4
A full 40 A4 page step by step build manual in both methods
and an 8 page guide to the materials used to build it.

This Plans Package is only £45.00
including postage and our free after sales help and advice while you build.


Basic Materials List

 2.5 x 4mm Marine Plywood – hull planks 2-4 and decks
1.5 x 6mm Marine Plywood – hull bottom & first plank

2 x 3.6m x 12mm x 30mm Wood (or 4 x 2.4m)
2 x 2.4m x 20mm x 150mm wood (Seats)

6kg Epoxy Pack
40m x 75mm  Fibre glass tape (Stitch & Tape)
700g Fillet additive approx. – West System 405 (Clinker Plywood)