Full Details of our kits can be found here.

DIY Kits

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More details of our kits can be found here

Custom Cut Plywood Kits
 If you don't want to go through all the marking out and cutting,
a kit could get you building as soon as it arrives.

Most of our designs can be custom cut as kits either with the Plywood Only or Full Plywood and Epoxy kits. This means that we are able to change it from the standard kit to suit your needs by tailoring each one to what you want.

However, we do have our standard kits that we cut - three dinghy kits and three Peasemarsh canoe kits.
These are our more popular designs and they are listed at the bottom of the page.

Our kits are cut to order either as given below or to your specification. If you don't want one of our standard kits, you can opt to add to or take things out of any kit so you only get what you want or need.

Full Plywood and Epoxy Kits.

These are exactly that. Everything you need to put the hull together ready to paint and/or varnish. Plywood parts for the hull along with the moulds (as required with Clinker Plywood building), wood for seats and trim and the epoxy pack to glue it all together plus any accessories.

Plywood Only Kits
These kits are simply the main plywood parts cut out and ready to assemble. This will be the planks, frame(s), stem, transom etc as required to build the hull. It will not include any wood parts such as the seats (thwarts) and trim etc. There is also no epoxy materials to fit it all together.
The kits come with full instructions for the build and access to our free help and advice service.


Please note that the Rye Bay and Canoe kits listed on this website are cut from a quality, hardwood marine plywood with surface veneers that can be varnished but more suited to painting.
The Winchelsea kits are cut from a higher quality, Gaboon, Lloyds Registered marine plywood that can be varnished.

Kit prices include delivery UK mainland but a £48 surcharge is charged for Highlands & Islands
Kits can be collected by arrangement.
We can arrange Saturday delivery and quote for extra delivery at cost

You may find we have our kits listed cheaper elsewhere, such as eBay, and these are not always cut from the Gaboon plywood unless stated.