Dinghy Workshops

Courses available throughout 2018
We are normally able to arrange dates to suit your availability.
Please contact us for further information.

We offer four options with the dinghy builds and, as with the canoes, the dinghy is supplied in kit form ready to start along with the epoxy glue and sundry items plus the use of any tools you will need. The course is structured to allow you to build your dinghy from the kit step by step over 4 to 7 days and you may be able to make simple oars to use with your new dinghy. Whatever you choose, make sure it will fit on your car roof rack or trailer.

The Rye Bay 228
(4 days hull build with seats fitted)


or the Winchelsea 2.2 (7 days hull build with seats fitted)
We can discuss other designs from our portfolio




And the Winchelsea 10 or 12 - Details on request.


You assemble and complete over the course term and you will normally build the dinghy hull in that time with a pair of oars, if time allows. By the end of Day 4 for the Rye Bay and Day 7 for the Winchelsea, you will have completed the build with seats (thwarts) and trim fitted so that you can prepare and paint it when you take it home. On rare occasions, some of the build is not completed (a seat not fitted for example) but, in any event, we will get you to the stage where you can take it home and finish it along with any materials, epoxy and instructions.

The dinghies are built without buoyancy tanks and inflatable buoyancy can be fitted – but if you decide you want them the materials and hatches for them are an extra £80.

Dinghy - Sailing Option.

http://youraccount.40.ekmpowershop.net/ekmps/shops/75c8a6/resources/Design/dsc00279-277x448-.jpg http://youraccount.40.ekmpowershop.net/ekmps/shops/75c8a6/resources/Design/pwwin8-696x800-.jpg

It is possible to build the Rye Bay over 7 days and the Winchelsea over 8 - 10 days as a sailing dinghy. With this option, you will leave at the end of the 7th/10th day with the hull and all the extra parts – rudder with fittings, tiller, dagger board, daggerboard case (fitted), mast, gaff, sail and rig.

We provide a heated workshop with free parking & toilet facilities.

The workshop has a sandwich bar and takeaway pizza on site. Other shops are nearby with a supermarket only a few minutes away by car. Free tea, coffee and squash with biscuits and crisps usually available too.

Your senior build guide on your course has over 30 years experience in boat building and repair plus, he designed your boat! The other staff who attend are also very experienced and will have built at least two of the designs on offer and other boats too.

A selection of hotels, guest houses, caravan and campsites etc. are all around us. We will help you find what you want if you need it.

Contact us to discuss any of our courses or for an e-brochure.
Phone 07910206881

The "Standard" build uses a good quality marine plywood and epoxy materials but you can opt for the "Premier" build to build your dinghy or canoe in a quality, Lloyds registered, Gaboon marine ply which can be varnished, a better finish with the Winchelsea.

4 Day Workshops - Rye Bay 228 (Row/Motor)

7 Day Workshops - Rye Bay 228 (Sailing version),  Winchelsea 2.2 (Row/Motor)

7 - 10 Day Workshops  -  Winchelsea 2.2 (Sailing version),

Winchelsea 10 or 12 (Row/Motor)

PRICES for 2018

Prices are for up to two people each day to attend and build one canoe or dinghy. This includes all materials and use of any tools required to build the boat you will take home with you. If you want more than 2 people to attend, please contact us. There is a small extra charge of £25 per person but, too many people around the boat at any one time can cause problems.

There are two prices below for each boat which is for the Standard or Premier boat.

The Standard boat is built in a good quality marine plywood more suited to a painted finish.

The Premier boat is built in a better quality, Lloyds registered, Gaboon marine plywood that can be varnished.

Prices do not include accommodation, meals or transport which you will need to arrange but we can help with information about local facilities.


Prices for Rowing/Motor Dinghy Building Workshops

Rye Bay 228
Standard 4 days - £495.00
Premier 4 days - £595.00

Winchelsea 2.2
Premier 7 days - £895.00
Not available in standard plywood option

Sailing Dinghy Building Workshops

These are longer sessions due to the extra work needed, after building the hull, to make the sailing rig – mast, gaff, rudder, tiller, dagger board and case. You will also receive the rudder fittings, rope, cleats and blocks as required plus, of course, the sail.

Rye Bay 228 Sailing Dinghy Build
Standard 7 days - £1180.00
Premier 7 days - £1290.00

Winchelsea 2.2 Sailing Dinghy Build
Premier 8 - 10 days - £1660.00

Workshop sessions can normally be booked at any time throughout the year as long as booked at with least 1 months notice and a heated workshop is available in the colder months to allow epoxy to cure - and keep you warm of course.
Contact us for further details of other courses or discuss your course with us.

An e-brochure giving more details is available for the above Workshop sessions.

*Extra charge may apply over extended periods.

10 day courses can be divided into two 5 day sessions.
4 day courses can be divided into 2 weekends
Other options can be arranged.

Courses can be paid for via e-invoice for cards or offline via bank transfer, cheque etc.

Booking Deposit of £50 must be paid after we have confirmed the dates you want are available.

Full payment of the balance must be received at least 30 days before the booked dates.