Canoe Workshops

Workshop Courses available throughout 2018
We are normally able to arrange dates to suit your availability.
Please contact us for further information.

Book on Peasemarsh 10, 12 or 14 workshop & get Peasemarsh 8 less than half price.

(Build the Peasemarsh 8 alongside the larger version for an extra £150)*

Build our attractive "Peasemarsh" canoe designed by us specifically for DIY novice builders. There are five size options (8’, 10', 12', 14', and 16').

Or you could build one of our other designs if you prefer.

Our workshop sessions are relaxing while the build progresses quickly. Your build guide will help you through the build and explain each part of it to you and will be ready to help if you get stuck with anything.

You will build the hull, stick it together and seal it with epoxy, add decks with optional buoyancy bulkheads under them, fit a centre bar or yoke and a make a paddle working in our heated workshops over a 3, 4 or 5 day period, depending on the canoe size.

The canoe will be completely built and ready to take home and finish - normally just be preparing for painting/varnishing, but also fitting the seats if no time left to do it at the workshop.

Your canoe is supplied cut out and ready to start stitching together. By the end of the first day you will see your canoe full size and ready to finish gluing up.

Epoxy and sundry items are also supplied along with everything you need to build it plus the use of any tools you will need.

The course is structured to allow you to build your canoe from a kit, building step by step but, in all cases, you will have a solid canoe shape by the end of Day 1.


Courses are run for 3 or 5 days and, time permitting, you will also be making a simple paddle and a yoke to use with your new canoe.

Whatever you choose, make sure it will fit on your car roof rack or trailer so you can take it away at the end of the last day.

There’s five sizes to choose from 7’-10’ (2.4m) - 16' (4.8m) in the Peasemarsh design or choose from any of our other canoe designs, there should be something for everyone.

We hold "flexible" canoe and dinghy building workshop sessions in Northampton building the Peasemarsh 10, 12 or 14 canoe or our dinghy designs, at a time to suit you. Just let us us know the dates you want and we can normally arrange it. You just need to arrange your accomodation.

The Peasemarsh 16 canoe or larger dinghies can also be built but their size means we have to make sure we can fit them in with our other work at the time.

Our canoe building workshop sessions offer the opportunity to build one of our canoe designs, including a paddle in a relaxed atmosphere with as much help as you need. Dates and times are up to you.

Extra Days  -  We can offer 2 or 3 day paint preparation sessions and these extra sessions are £55 per day and we supply the sanders and sandpaper etc.



Prices are for up to two people each day to attend and build one canoe/dinghy. This includes all materials and use of any tools required to build the boat you will take home with you. If you want more than 2 people to attend, please contact us. There is a small extra charge of £25 per person but, too many people around the boat at any one time can cause problems.

There are two prices below for each boat which is for the Standard or Premier boat.

The Standard boat is built in a good quality marine plywood more suited to a painted finish.

The Premier boat is built in a better quality, Lloyds registered, Gaboon or Okoume marine plywood that can be varnished.

Prices do not include accommodation, meals or transport which you will need to arrange but we can help with information about local facilities.

3 Day Workshops - Peasemarsh 8, 10 & 12

4 or 5 Day Workshops - Peasemarsh 14 *Peasemarsh 16


Prices for Canoe Building Workshops

Peasemarsh 8'
Standard 3 days - £375.00*


Peasemarsh 10'
Standard 3 days - £455.00
Premier 3 days - £565.00

Peasemarsh 12'
Standard 3 days - £515.00
Premier 3 days - £625.00

Peasemarsh 14'
Standard 4 days - £575.00
Premier 4 days - £695.00

Peasemarsh 16'
Standard 5/6 days - £635.00
Premier 5/6 days - £755.00

If you have any questions, please contact us.

*Offer Details.

Buy a Peasemarsh 10 or 12 workshop course and for an extra £150 build the Peasemarsh 8 at the same time.
If you don't get time to work on it during your workshop time, we will help out.