Built to Order

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Complete Boats

Built to Order

We now have one dinghy and one canoe design for you to choose from.

In each case, there is a standard boat that we start from and you can add things from there to your personal choice.

         The Rye Bay 228                                      The Peasemarsh Canoe 


The New Bay Canoe

A Low Price for Big Package
Get on the water with a dinghy from only £450.00 or canoe from only £425.00 


The dinghies are available in different options - rowing, motor or sailing and the canoe in different sizes. All of them have various extra options. Click on the boats above for more information.

Also, if you want something different, have a look at
Paul's Boatshed page.

The FAIRLIGHT Sailing Canoe 13' - 4"
Paddle, Row, Motor & Sail