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FAIRLIGHT Sailing Canoe
Prototype For Sale

We are selling our final prototype of this dinghy which was used to test the final draft of this design and was very successful. It is being sold as the rowing version and comes with built in buoyancy with hatches fitted to the bulkheads, a pair of oars, rowlocks, the dagger board and a short mooring rope. 

It is fully fitted out so it could be paddled, rowed, motored and sailed but we are keeping the paddles, rudder, motor and the sail rig for our own boat. You could add these later and we can help with this.

She rows and motors nicely and is easily paddled with two. If you add a sail rig, you will find her easy to sail.

It was built using the Stitch & Tape method of boat building as we needed to test that build type, but it’s normally built in the clinker plywood method.

It has been used and although the build quality is normal and in marine plywood, the finish is basic and is scuffed a bit from use.

We were going to keep this one but I changed the deck layout on the next one and the family want that one instead.

We are selling this design as plans on ebay if you would rather build your own and we are also custom building the complete boat for a few customers. The custom build option will be available on ebay soon.

Offers Over £350.00

Collection Only from our workshop in Northampton.

Weighs only 45kg so could be transported on the roof rack of the average 4 door family car.

Please contact us with any any offers or questions.


Wooden Canoe Paddles

Hand crafted open canoe paddles of various sizes from 80cm - 200cm and two styles. Plain or with hardwood strips and varnished.
Some sizes available now or made to order.
Prices include P&P to UK mainland (Highlands & Highlands extra)

80 cm          £21.00
90 cm          £22.00
100 cm         £25.00
110 cm         £28.00
120 cm         £32.00
130 cm         £34.00
140 cm         £35.00
150 cm         £36.00
160 cm         £37.00
170 cm         £38.00
180 cm         £39.00
190 cm         £40.00
200 cm         £41.00


Wooden Canoe Yokes

Wooden canoe yokes made to various sizes to fit our canoe designs and others.
They are trimmed to fit the various widths of the canoes
Varnished ready to fit.
Prices include P&P to UK mainland (Highlands & Highlands extra)

28.5" ( for Peasemarsh 10)    £24.00
33" (for Peasemarsh 12, 14 & 16, Dengemarsh 10 & 12)   £26.00
36" (for Ryemarsh 15)    £30.00
40"  (for New Bay 15)   £35.00