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Welcome To STANLEY SmallCraft

Messing about in small boats is a lot of fun
Building your own boat to mess about adds to the fun.

At STANLEY SmallCraft we design and build our own range of small boats which are available as DIY Plans, Kits or complete and ready for the water boats.

You can build one of our Dinghies or a Canoe with our DIY home build plans.
But, we won't just sell you the plans or kits then leave you to it.
We will be on hand to help, if you need it, with our free email/text/phone support while you build.


      Stitch & Tape Dinghies                                      Clinker Ply Dinghies


If you don’t want to build from plans then there’s our


Ply/Epoxy DIY Dinghy and Canoe Kits    or our    Flexible Canoe/Dinghy building workshops

You can build one at home with our DIY kits or with us at our workshops in Northampton with our guidance.

Now is a good time to start building for next spring.


A recent example of one of our workshop course builds was Jo & Peter who came all the way from Hungary to build their Winchelsea 2.2 Sailing Dinghy dinghy with us over 8 days.
The pictures below show the excellent job they did before taking it home to varnish it.


And finally finished and sailing


If you don’t want to build it yourself, we will build your Dinghy or Canoe, for you.

Complete, Built to Order, Ready for the Water Dinghies & Canoes

Our DIY Plans Packages, Full Size Patterns or one of our Plywood/Epoxy Kits have seen a great many boats built all over the world. Some from one of our Canoe or Dinghy building courses.

Since 1981, I have now designed well over 100 original small boats for rowing, motoring or sailing and 35 canoe designs from 1.8m (6’) to around 9m (30’) and developed some of them, 20 dinghies and 12 canoes, to be easier for DIY home builders to build their boat from the plans or, since 1998, a kit all of which include our free, unlimited email/text/phone help and advice if you need it.

All the DIY designs use either the Stitch & Tape

or Clinker Plywood

methods of boat building and each method is explained in the plans.

We sell our designs all over the world from our website here, on eBay and other listings and from our workshops, as comprehensive plans packages, plywood kits and complete, ready for the water boats, with a few more designs being added every year as we build and test them.

You will find details of all our DIY designs in the pages listed under the method of build.

Our aim is to keep our costs as low as possible so we can supply value for money, easy to follow plans and easy to build kits from our range of small boats, specifically designed for the DIY builder to build from plywood and epoxy using the two most common methods to build them - Stitch & Tape and Clinker Plywood.
Both are quite easy methods to build with but Stitch & Tape is generally considered to be the easier option and probably a quicker way to get a boat but, Clinker Ply produces more traditional looking boats.

We have built all our boats, some many times and tested them. We use our experience along with feedback from our many DIY builders to help us improve them where we can. We don't sell plans or kits for our designs until they have been built by inexperienced DIY builders first, under our supervision in our workshop.
But, even after that, we don't just sell you the plans and kits, we are also available to advise you and help you through the build via email, text or phone*.

Our plans are available in different formats. Choose from -

Download/Email Plans - you can download the "digital" version of any of our DIY plans after payment from - £5.00
PDF files with all information, hints and tips to build your boat or canoe in a download (You will get a link for the download which will be open for 24hrs and allow 2 downloads. If you need more time for any reason, please contact us. Thank you.)
- - If you prefer, we can email any of our plans to you after payment, instead of downloading - -

A3 Paper Workshop Plans - instructions and A3 drawings from - £10.00
Everything printed out with full A4 instruction manual and A3 scaled drawings making them easier to read in the workshop

Full Size patterns with Build Instructions from - £20.00
An A4 instruction manual printed and sent with full size patterns sheets (A0/A1) and instructions on how to use the patterns

- - All prices on this site include postage/delivery except where stated otherwise. - -

Kits start at £245 for 10’ plywood only canoe kit. All Kits are cut from a top quality, Gaboon, LLoyds registered marine plywood.
See Kit page for full details

Complete Dinghies and Canoes start at £425

STANLEY SmallCraft designs have been built by professionals, school projects, charity projects and DIY home builders all over the world.

*Text and Phone help for UK Only.
Email help worldwide.



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